Monday, January 11, 2010

House sucks

I joined the rounds this morning where 8 residents and four specialists, and me, if you can count me, that took upon the cases from the weekend. For those of you who like House: no one looks glamorous at the butt-crack of dawn and when they have stayed up all night working on a patient's case. House sucks.

Doctors love to laugh. We love to enjoy the crazy nuances of our work. But there are days when we just can't laugh. Today was one of those days.

One day you can be talking to a patient about their children and the next you walk in to find them, writhing in their bed completely gone to the world with encephalopathy. Then you watch as they ship the patient down to shock trauma.

One day you see a happy mother talking about what she is going to name her child and the next, she's crying over the body of a still born child.

Today left me exhausted. There was no way to laugh and there were too many ways to cry, but in the end, we know that there is always hope for a better tomorrow.

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  1. Hi,
    I found your blog through and I 100% agree with you on the misconceptions that House has placed on the hospital setting. It is way more hectic during a code and people are not dressed like that from shift start to shift end. I am a nursing student completing my final semester and I have been in plenty of codes, especially ones during shift change and they are hectic yet organized. The residences are not dressed like that. I still like House because of the whole disease process, but it can be misleading.